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About Tony

I am a nature/landscape Photographer based in Northwest Ohio. I shoot film and digital with a renewed fervor for film.

A Much Needed Realignment

Over the past several months I have been avoiding making this decision. It is one that I thought I would never make, yet here I am making it. As most of you know, photography has always been a large part of what makes me me. Outside of my wife and children I can think of nothing else that consumes as much of my thought life as photography. From the moment of my first click of the shutter nearly forty years ago to my last click at the family fireworks a few short weeks ago, the exhilaration…the adrenaline rush, is still there…and I suspect will always be.

My first love in photography was nature/wildlife/landscape. It was a time when I could collect my thoughts and enjoy the Creation given to us all. It was a time I could capture images of places some people would never have the opportunity to see. It was a way to show people how I see nature. I think this is why, when I started shooting portraits, I so much enjoyed taking them outdoors. I also enjoyed providing people with a level of service that they may not otherwise have been able to get. Every session was and is special to me and each one will hold memories for me as long as I live.

Sports and wedding photography are different beasts in and of themselves. While technically different, they ARE similar in many ways. Timing of peak action and the “one chance to get the shot” moments are two of the biggest similarities. I love both but sports wins out only because the stress of the “one chance to get it right” of the wedding is beyond where I want to be at this time.

I know this must seem like I’m rambling, which I probably am since communication was never my strong suit. So let me say right now that I will no longer be accepting new requests for portraiture sessions (of any type), weddings or events. If you have already booked me for a session then I will by all means honor it. If you are a past client I will be happy to provide you with photographic services (except weddings or events) if you desire. All of you have become very good friends of mine and I thank you for that.

I will, however, be focusing on my first love in photography. It is where I started and where I feel I’m the happiest and where I feel my work is enjoyed the most. I certainly will continue to do personal projects involving people, but it will be initiated by me with specific themes or goals in mind.

So if after all of this you still wish to follow my work you can find my latest works on Instagram at the moment. I will be revamping/realigning my website to reflect decision. There may possibly even be the chance to purchase some of my works, but I haven’t thought that out yet.

In closing I would like thank each and everyone of you who suffered through this post. If I have left more questions than answers please feel free to drop me a message/email and I’ll do my best to answer them.



Nicole – First Shoot of 2017

Being someone who is not partial to Winter, I’m sure you can imagine my joy when the temperature went above 50 in the middle of February.  I sent a quick message to one of my favorite models and luckily she was available for a quick “get the ball rolling” session.  One thing that was different this session is that we were lucky to have a HMUA (Hair/Makeup Artist) on the shoot with us.  Thank you, Dani Krontz, I look forward to working with you more this year!

There was no real theme or planning this time.  We just wanted to get out and shoot, which we did.  As you can see, Nicole was once again GREAT in front of the lens.

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Jake and Hanna

Despite the 95 degree weather we experienced yesterday it was a great day for shooting, and what a great couple to shoot!  Jake and Hanna were such troopers braving mosquitoes in the woods and sweltering heat everywhere…even in the shade.  Thank you both for the wonderful “therapy time” you’ve given me.  I hope you enjoy these sneaks and I look forward to your wedding in September!


A Quick Session

What could be better than enjoying a warm spell right after a cold snap in the Midwest?  Having you best model agree to a quick and impromptu photo session!   I think both of us were hungry for a session and couldn’t wait until our studio session that will be coming up in several weeks.  I suggested we hit up a baseball field at the local city park and the photos you see here are the results.

Thanks Nicole for being so willing at a moments notice to allow me this creative outlet.



Nikon D610 w/85mm


Nikon D610 w/85mm


Nikon D610 w/85mm


Nikon D610 w/85mm


Nikon D610 w/85mm