Nicole – First Shoot of 2017

Being someone who is not partial to Winter, I’m sure you can imagine my joy when the temperature went above 50 in the middle of February.  I sent a quick message to one of my favorite models and luckily she was available for a quick “get the ball rolling” session.  One thing that was different this session is that we were lucky to have a HMUA (Hair/Makeup Artist) on the shoot with us.  Thank you, Dani Krontz, I look forward to working with you more this year!

There was no real theme or planning this time.  We just wanted to get out and shoot, which we did.  As you can see, Nicole was once again GREAT in front of the lens.

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Jake and Hanna

Despite the 95 degree weather we experienced yesterday it was a great day for shooting, and what a great couple to shoot!  Jake and Hanna were such troopers braving mosquitoes in the woods and sweltering heat everywhere…even in the shade.  Thank you both for the wonderful “therapy time” you’ve given me.  I hope you enjoy these sneaks and I look forward to your wedding in September!


A Quick Session

What could be better than enjoying a warm spell right after a cold snap in the Midwest?  Having you best model agree to a quick and impromptu photo session!   I think both of us were hungry for a session and couldn’t wait until our studio session that will be coming up in several weeks.  I suggested we hit up a baseball field at the local city park and the photos you see here are the results.

Thanks Nicole for being so willing at a moments notice to allow me this creative outlet.



Nikon D610 w/85mm


Nikon D610 w/85mm


Nikon D610 w/85mm


Nikon D610 w/85mm


Nikon D610 w/85mm